Pizhichil treatment in the ayurveda, is combination of both oil massage & heat treatment. Pizhichil is very efficient in treating all the rheumatic diseases, neurological disorders, arthritis, paralysis and blood pressure. It is also recommended in certain cases related to sexual weakness. This is highly rejuvenating treatment which enhances muscular tone & re-tunes the whole nervous system. It will also improves the skin complexion, promotes optimum health, delays aging, helps in healing the fractured bones, increases the immunity & prolongs the life span.

The warmth & herbal properties of oil wash get ride off if any tension are lodged deeply in the muscle tissue & the joints. The treatment releases the toxins not only within the body but also from the mind & spirit as well. As skin is hydrated, circulation will improve, energy levels will increase & tensions will melt get ride off. A sense of the warmth & well being will permeate body & soul. 

Pizhichil Massage Kochi


  • A gentle, harmonized massage of up & down is being carried out on all the parts of the body. Except head is subjected to this treatment.

  • The patient should lie on the table where the treatment is performed, and then 2 - 4 trained therapists will perform the massage under the supervision of an ayurvedic physician.

  • It is administered in 7 standard positions, so that no area of body is left uncovered.

  • Here, cloth will be dipped in lukewarm medicated oil and is squeezed over the patient’s body uniformly & then the oil will be rubbed smoothly over the patients body by masseurs on either side.

  • The session will take approximately 1 hour which includes continuous oil pouring over the whole body, then the rubbing & stimulating the skin by using hands & special cotton cloths.

  • Special care has to be taken for patient’s head that it should not get sweat during the treatment. A cloth will be tied over the forehead by the therapy taker to prevent the oil from getting into eyes.

  • Fresh medicated oil is been used every day & the treatment duration of the Pizhichil is based on the ayurveda expert after body constitution of the individual has been determined. Usually the treatment will be done for 7 to 14 days.



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